Book Review, Mo Yan – Change

Written by the Chinese author Mo Yan, this book tells us the history of China through the eyes of the common folk. The main subject of the book is the change of China between the years 1950 - 2000.
Mo Yan – Change

Written by Chinese author Mo Yan, this autobiography also reveals how China has changed since 1950. About 90 pages, a not very thick book written as a long story.

The book is written in a sincere, conversational mood. Based on his memories, the author shows us how China was and how it changed throughout his life.

The main reason for the book being written is a request to Mo Yan coming from publishing house editor to write on “Modern Chinese History”. Although the author initially rejects this offer, after the editor’s words “You can write however the way you want to.”, he accepts this offer. He writes about Chinese history and the change between 1950 and 2000 in the form of an autobiography. Tells us the history of China, through the eyes of the common folk and the eyes of his own.

The writer’s memories are actually filled with the heartbreaking realities of China at the same time. It also tells us about all the misery, desperation, cultural dogmas and how the author went through all these.

While being an autobiography and having historical features, it is actually a book about life…

An unordinary book, written in an unordinary way.

Can be read to learn about a foreign culture.

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