What is “True Religion”? – An Essay on The Meaning ‘The’ Religion

There are many opinions on the thing called religion. Unfortunately, most of these views are either based on tradition or culture. In this article, I wrote my thoughts about what the concept called "Religion" means in its essence.

What is Religion?

Religion means lifestyle. It is a certain way one lives.

What is “True Religion”?

The lifestyle based on morality and righteousness, is called a True (or Righteous) Religion. In this lifestyle, one follows certain boundaries based on rules that are guided and made by Conscience.

Nature is respected and one tries to live in harmony with it. In this lifestyle, knowing he/she is a part of the universe, one tries not to disrespect the great order and puts a continuous effort to praise It and Its Reign. This is a continuous effort to “spread goodness”.

What It is To Worship?

This act of glorification is called to Worship.

Although there are many different forms to worship, the purpose stays the same. Worship is not just about doing prayers. Every action, even thought, done for goodness and for the sake of Allah can be considered as a form of worship.

Because to worship is an action to spread goodness; actions that does not, in a direct or indirect way, lead to goodness cannot be considered as worship. Because God’s command is to do good deeds. Actions that do not fulfill this command cannot be considered as an act of worship.

Since the essence of worship should be goodness, it is of great importantance to think about the reasons behind the forms of worship. As in any other action, Intentions serves as the keystone in the act of worship. As long as there is no good intentions, every form of worship becomes meaningless.

Conscience and Reason inspects the correctness of good intentions. Inside one’s self, Conscience and Reason builds Religion.

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